Coronavirus Guidelines and Information

A trip to the mountains within driving distance of major metro areas has been a very popular choice for a getaway during these unprecedented times.  We are following or exceeding guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable stay at our properties.  Here are some specific details:


- We are providing a minimum of 24 hours between guest stays

- Generally speaking, we will air out the property the afternoon after the guest leaves, and clean the morning before arrival

- Our housekeeper formerly has cleaned within a healthcare environment an is well versed at  the disinfecting process, and since the outbreak of the virus has been taking additional steps. 

- We will provide fresh towels and linens with all rentals. We ask that all guests strip beds and place along with towels in the laundry 

- Some guests choose to bring their own linens, towels, or pillows for additional piece of mind.  We support that, and simply ask that you then place ours neatly aside so that they do not get mixed with yours and so we can maintain a clear process of what has been laundered. 

- Trash Service now requires that everything is bagged and tied.  No loose trash should be placed in any of the trash containers.


Ski Season and Covid 19 


While Seven Springs and Hidden Valley Resorts will likely issue their own guidelines for the 2020-21 season, some good information has been published that provide insight How Ski Resorts Hope to Operate Under Covid-19 This Winter.  According to this article, skiing down the mountain is a low risk activity, while sharing a chairlift is also fairly low since it is outside, windy, and generally for short periods of time.  Overall skiing itself is one of the better activities to participate in due to being outdoors, and often face covering.


The biggest risk by far are the indoor activities in the lodge, such as restaurants, bars or hotels with common hallways where guests are congregating.   Our properties being just 5 minutes from the nearest ski lift, provide some common sense options in this respect offering  away to return during the day for meals, as well as the ability to stay in a more distanced lodging setting.