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Why Book Direct?

We list our properties on popular Vacation Rental Sites such as AirBnB and HomeAway, however many guests are not familiar with the added costs they incur by reserving through these services. 

Over the past few years as these services have become mainstream, they have quietly added and increased  "Guest Service Fees" that are charged to the renter.  For example, Homeaway, which also operates VRBO, never had any guest fees prior to February 2016. Currently they charge a 10% Guest Fee to reserve on their site. AirBnb has a guest fee ranging from 6%-12% based on the size of the transaction (generally weekends will be 12%, while full weeks will be a lower rate).  


These Guest Service Fees are in addition to the advertised rates and taxes posted on their web sites, and are in addition to "Host Fees" they also charge us for transactions done through their site.  Additionally, these fees can apply even if you need to cancel your reservation, where their fees are retained whether you stayed at the property or not. 

For these reasons, we offer our guests the option to book directly, avoiding these fees.  While we respect these services for the value they provide through their web sites, for those guests who dig a bit deeper to find us and our site (as you have if you are reading this), there is little reason to pay the added cost. Feel free to call us to book directly at 301-854-3994 or Inquire Here.

Our properties are also listed on many free tourism sites such as, and, and we appreciate their listings.