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Book Direct and Save 10% or More! 

During the past several years, the use of Vacation Rental Booking Sites such as AirBnb, VRBO, and others have increased substantially.   When these sites first appeared, most of them were free to use by the guest, while they charged fees to the host.  A few years ago as their popularity increaesed, this began to change where the sites charged both a "Guest Service Fee" to the guest in addition to the host fees.  Many guests are unaware how significant these fees have become, while they vary between sites and length of stay so can be difficult to pin down.  Currently the Service Fee paid by the guest range from 10-15%, which added to the rental rate and taxes upon final reservation confirmation.  


Additionally, when booking through a Vacation Rental Site,  your relationship is with the web booking agency rather than with the property owner.  There can be tremendous value in having a live conversation with the property owner prior to booking, as well as a direct relationship to better address related details and special considerations.  Cancellations and refunds can be more effectively administered without a 3rd party to satisfy along with their  rigid policies  

As a result, while we list our properties on all the major Vacation Rental Sites and value their services for those guests who choose to use them, we also offer direct booking to guests for those who find us in other ways or have rented from us before and return year after year.  Booking directly eliminates the 10-15% service fee that a guest would otherwise pay, while our direct rates will match the lowest rates offered through the booking sites. Just call us at 443-857-7657 for more information and to plan your trip.    

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